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 Roseville Junior Sports, Inc. (also referred to as R.J.S.), is a non-profit youth sports organization.

The sports we offer are baseball, football and cheer. These sports are available for boys and girls ages 5 - 14 (ages depending on each sport).

Our intent is simple: If we can keep our youth of today busy and involved in positive ways maybe we can help suppress juvenile delinquency.

R.J.S. is governed by 100% volunteers, which make up its Board of Directors. Included in this Board of Directors is an Executive Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Recording  Secretary), who oversees the daily operations of R.J.S. These Board of Directors and Executive Board members are made up of parents, coaches or just simply adults who care very much for children and  their activities and how they affect our community.No Board Member receives any salary or compensation for their efforts to the programs. Hours of free time by these people are donated for the best interest of children and R.J.S. Programs. 

Coaches are one of our biggest assets, they do not receive pay for any of their duties or responsibilities. R.J.S. has a very storied and proud past, since being incorporated back in 1956. Many good men and women have put forth great effort into making R.J.S. what it is today. Many volunteers, directors, coaches, supporters, sponsors and parents participated in R.J.S. programs when they were kids. Hopefully, some of our kids today, will also come back as adults to uphold the traditions and values of R.J.S. and make R.J.S. an outstanding program as it was then, it is now, and will be for many years to come! Most of our programs are competitive in nature, but that is not the only part of the sport we focus on.

Some of our biggest goals include: teaching sportsmanship, dedication, fairness and learning to accept and deal with losing in a positive manner." For it is in losing that we learn how to be good winners." Winning is important to us at R.J.S. - and we will try to give our participants every tool and bit of knowledge available to succeed - BUT WE WILL NOT TRY TO WIN AT ALL COST!  Doing your best will always be far better than good enough!! And lets' not forget the most important part of our program FUN! This should and will be our first priority - to ensure our players to have fun. Whether or not it's having a pop and a hot dog after the game, or just making new friends with teammates and/or opposing teammates. The camaraderie made with kids in sports can sometimes and will last a lifetime.

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Roseville Jr Sports 
Roseville, Michigan 48066

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 586-772-2000
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