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 For most rules, we follow the Michigan High School Athletic Association official rules.  The following rules are adapted for the instructional divisions of the youth game. 
The 5u (Tee Ball) division is an informal, instructional division intended to teach the 4 and 5 year old players the fundamentals of the game of baseball by the simplest methods possible; letting them play the game.  If this purpose is kept paramount, this division will build an important foundation for the young ball player before they move on to our more formally organized and competitive 7u, 9u, 11u, 13u, and 15u divisions.  Emphasis must be kept on instruction and good sportsmanship. 
By using tees, play is relatively continuous and the game requires far less time.  The majority of children at this age have difficulty getting the ball over the plate and the attention of the other players would lapse while a pitcher of this age struggles valiantly to get the ball close enough for the batter to hit it. 
Because of inaccurate throwing arms, base running is restricted but the players can learn the fundamentals of hitting, fielding a ball, when and where to throw it, when to look for the double play and the basic rules of play.  Players in this age range have a short interest span in any single activity and games must move at a quicker pace.  Only the fundamentals of the game should be brought out.  It is uncommon for players of this age, initially, to be familiar with the defensive positions, both infield and outfield.  Lack of knowledge of the game has no relationship to the players’ potential athletic ability. 
This division provides an excellent opportunity to teach basic catching, throwing, fielding and most important of all – a love for the game of baseball.  The best approach is to let the teams play without focusing on winning or losing but merely for the joy of participating while at the same time, learning the fundamentals of teamwork, group discipline and sportsmanship. 
Baseball/Softball Rules Committee 
Roseville Jr. Sports  

General Conduct & Sportsmanship 
1. No profanity, abusive language or abusive actions in front of players/parents. No manhandling of players. 2. No alcoholic beverages before and/or during practice or games. 3. There are absolutely no glass bottles or animals allowed in the park. 4. Tobacco products (smoking or chew), vaping, and/or E-Cigs are not permitted on the field or in the dugouts. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot or outside the fence. 5. No manager or coach shall collect or handle any money intended for Roseville Jr. Sports. 6. No manager or coach shall allow any monetary payments or gifts to any individual or team for its performance during the season. 7. No individual team fundraisers are allowed without board approval.  8. Proper care of equipment is the responsibility of the Manager. Manager must return equipment bag immediately following their last game. There will be a $400 fine for not returning the equipment bag within 10 days of the last game. 9. Any manager in violation of any Roseville Jr. Sports rule(s) will appear before the rules committee. Disciplinary action will be determined at that time. 10. No metal cleats are allowed on the fields at any time.  
Practice Rules 
11. Prior to the start of the season, managers must hold at least two but no more than three MANDATORY practices per week. a. Managers must keep attendance at all mandatory practices. b. There will be NO mandatory practices or team meetings on Sundays. c. You may not hold a practice on the day of a game. d. No mandatory practices or batting cages on the day of a game. 12. Managers do not have to play players for the following reasons; a. Said player does not participate in at least half of scheduled mandatory practices in one week.  b. Disrespect of any kind. These MUST be documented. 13. A Manager and/or Coach ON THE ROSTER must be in attendance at each practice, scrimmage and league game. You are responsible for the appearance and the conduct of the players and coaches on the field. 14. Practices may be held in Roseville or any of the surrounding communities. (We would appreciate it, for the convenience of our RJS families, that we keep practices within a reasonable driving distance.) 15. Scrimmages are only allowed between teams in the same division. 
Game Day Management 
16. 5u season will be a minimum twelve (12) regular season games. 17. Game times are 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday unless otherwise notified.  If necessary, games will be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. 18. A game will be considered complete after seven innings or 1 Hr. 15 mins. 19. There will be no extra innings. 20. Players must wear their current year issued jersey, matching hats, and same color pants. Uniforms should be enforced at the umpire’s discretion.  21. Managers and coaches must be Eighteen years of age or older. a. Jr. Coaches at least sixteen years of age or older will be allowed but they must provide a parent-signed permission slip prior to participating as a Jr. Coach. b. Only one Jr. Coach will be allowed to coach bases. He/She must wear a batting helmet. 22. Managers must turn in a complete final roster prior to the start of the 2nd game. 23. There is NO batting practice on the playing field prior to the start of any game. 24. NO PLAYER WILL SWING A BAT OUTSIDE OF THE FENCE LINE, IN THE SPECTATOR AREA. Please take all practice swings in the On-Deck circle. 25. The use of “Hit Sticks” is only permitted inside the playing field (outfield grass) as long as the coach is handling the hit stick. This also applies to hitting and pitching nets. NO SOFT TOSSING AGAINST ANY RJS FENCING.     26. Teams will shake hands at home plate before the start of each game. 27. Dugouts are for players, coaches, Manager, scorekeeper and one bat person. All others should be kept out of dugout. 28. EACH TEAM IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEAN-UP OF THEIR RESPECTIVE DUGOUTS IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THEIR GAME! 29. Base Coaches a. Shall in no way harass the opposing players by word, action or gestures. b. Will not direct criticism or insult the playing ability of the opposing team. 

c. Will not try to confuse or attempt to engage in distracting conversation with opposing players in any way. 30. In case of rain, please show up at the RJS field. RJS will do their best to communicate any rain delays or game cancellations to managers and families. We will make announcements on Social Media, on our website and using our on-site answering machine. At the fields, we use the flag system.    a. Green Flag = Games will be played b. Yellow Flag = Games might be played.  We are working hard to get the fields ready. c. Red Flag = No games will be played.  31. There are many situations when the decision to postpone/reschedule a game due to weather will be made very close to that games scheduled start.  This makes the flag system more inconsistent than other methods. Please keep that in mind when addressing your parents. 32. ALL PLAYERS, MAKE SURE TO GET CONFIRMATION FROM YOUR MANAGER THAT YOUR GAME HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 33. Make-up games for the regular season may be scheduled on the next available date.   
Player Participation Rules 
34. Each defensive team will consist of a pitcher, catcher, and 4 infielders. There will be no outfielders.  35. At the end of each inning, each team must rotate the players they have present so each player receives an equal share of time in the field. EVERY PLAYER MUST PLAY EVERY POSITION.  36. No player may sit on the bench for two consecutive innings. 37. If a player isn’t at the game by the scheduled game time, it will be at the coach’s discretion if they will play or not. They will not be guaranteed playing time. Once 2 innings are completed, they will not be allowed to play in that game at all. 38. Two coaches will be allowed for defensive coaching in the outfield. 39. BATTING RULES a. A Master Batting Order will be used.  b. Half of the roster bats an inning. The other half will bat the next inning.  c. The ball must be hit a distance equal to the infield grass to be considered a legal hit.  A ball not going to the grass will be considered a foul ball. d. 5u – All fair, foul, safe and outs on bases will be called by the base coaches. e. Three strikes or seven total swings constitutes an out. f. If three outs are not made in the inning, the count will be equal to the team with the highest number of players present, using the Master Batting Order. g. 5u – Any Little League Approved or Tee Ball Bat are allowed  
40. BASE RUNNING RULES a. A base runner cannot leave the base until the ball has been swung at.  If the ball is swung at and missed, the runner must return to the base.  This constitutes a relaxed step. b. A base runner may not advance on an overthrow, fair or foul.  The ball then becomes dead. c. 5u – batter and all base runners advance no more than one base on a fair ball. d. If a player is tagged or thrown out, then they’re out. The player will NOT remain on base if he’s tagged or thrown out.   
42. The Umpire shall have complete authority of the grounds and the conduct of the game. 
43. PARENT AND/OR COACH COMPLAINTS – If a parent or coach has a complaint, the parent or coach shall submit, in writing, a complete report of said complaint with the parent’s name or coach’s name, phone number and all pertinent information to a member of the Roseville Jr. Sports Board of Directors after 24 hours (but no more than 48 hours). The member will advise the parent or coach that an RJS representative will contact them with any decision made concerning their complaint and decisions of Roseville Jr. Sports. 
44. EJECTIONS a. Manager/Coach/Spectator i. One (1) warning will be issued before any ejection. ii. Ejected party will leave the RJS complex immediately.  1. May move to one’s vehicle in the parking lot if they have a child he/she is responsible for as long as they remain in their vehicle and do not cause any additional problems 

iii. If there is a Second (2nd) ejection issued to the same party in the same season, they will be prohibited from participating in any aspect of the current RJS baseball season.  This includes practices.  (NO EXCEPTIONS) iv. Length of any suspension will be determined by the RJS Rules Committee. b. Player i. One (1) warning will be issued to the Manager before any ejection. ii. Must leave the playing field immediately and either sit in the stands or go home with a parent. iii. A player who receives an ejection is given an automatic one (1) game suspension to be served at the next game his/her team plays. iv. If a player receives a Second (2nd) ejection, the rules committee will evaluate the situation to determine what further penalty will be given. 
45. RULES COMMITTEE a. Any rules made by the Rules Committee will stay in effect until the end of the season, unless the Rules Committee determines the rules must be changed in the best interest of the program. b. Any rule changes must carry a majority vote of the Rules Committee. c. A majority of the Roseville Jr. Sports Rules Committee shall determine any questions and/or discipline placed before the league. d. Hearings held before the Roseville Jr. Sports Rules Committee will be called at the discretion of the Commissioner of Baseball. 
 This Addendum to the MHSAA rules for the Roseville Jr. Sports Baseball/Softball program was revised, finalized and approved by the Roseville Jr. Sports. Baseball Rules Committee, official as of November 26th, 2018. 
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